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The Boating lake, Regents Park.

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I am a passionate Outdoor Leadership Coach and Mentor, and the creator of the COPA (TM) framework. I combine 25 years in marketing communication and a 15-year coaching experience with my love of nature and outdoors. As a coach, I originally trained with the Coaching Academy and then more recently at Ashridge. I maintain a continuous development programme to stay ahead of the game, see my own coach on a monthly basis and attend supervision every quarter.

Why Nature

I love the outdoors and after observing an increased level of creativity when working outside, I started extensive research to find out how my clients could benefit from it.

I have developed a unique approach of coaching to take you out of your daily routine to a relaxed and inspiring environment. Once the way forward is clear, I offer support inside your business with ongoing Milestone Coaching and Mentoring.

Who Are My Clients

People I support are typically entrepreneurs stuck in their day-to-day routines, with strained relationships between team members, stagnant growth in the business, and a loss of sight and vision for where they want to take the company.

They are directors, owners and professionals looking to lead with greater impact and influence, often with a lack of confidence and looking for clarity on the true direction they are heading in.

Poor decision making and low morale are common symptoms of underconfident leadership. My clients are eager to find out where they could be and this is where I come in to help.

An Adventurer At Heart

I lead my everyday life with a deep curiosity for people, the ability to listen and a desire to keep things simple. I have a love of nature and its positive presence in our daily lives. I am an adventurer at heart; when not guiding clients through their challenges and opportunities, I am outside leading groups up the mountains, running, climbing, cycling or fly fishing.

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Step outside, be bold, make a leap.

Central path, towards The Hub, Regent’s Park.

* COPATM Framework (creating Clarity, exploring Opportunities, setting Priorities, planning Actions)

“Simon understood my objectives, helped me put them into a timeline and develop new ideas to grow both sides of my business.”

Owner, Sports Consultancy

“Unique ability to inspire me to achieve my goals, encouraged me to take a more focused and confident approach to running my business.”

Founder, Health & Wellbeing Franchise Organisation

“Was fantastic talking today, it’s really interesting to discover core values of mine by reviewing past experiences.”

Founder, Financial Services

“Simon had a great approach and was highly motivational in his coaching method. He made me think outside the norms and act on my goals faster than I would have done previously.”

Director, Hotel Group

“Simon dedicated himself to me and my issues throughout the sessions. He was very intuitive to how I was feeling about a subject and gently encouraged me to come to my conclusions.”

Director, Communication Agency

“The confidence I have right now is really valuable; it’s great feeling the sense of direction and purpose that I have right now.”

Director, Promotional Agency

“I feel like I can move onto the next challenge and have my confidence boosted by it. I have stopped procrastinating on making decisions on things and started to actually finish things that I start, which is fantastic.”

Director, Design Agency, London

“Thank you so much. I would have never got there by myself so swiftly and efficiently.”

Senior Director, Product Design Company