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Beast from the East has certainly challenged my motivation to go out running. Last Sunday, the temperature dropped, the snow fell, and the joy of being out running in the muddy woods was fading. Same routes, avoiding busy roads, into the forest was feeling heavy. 

On Monday morning I pulled on my layers, popped on a beanie and headed out – same warm-up, same start, the same route along a few side streets, up a steep flight of steps, through the underpass and into the woods. The forest is like a seeping sponge at the moment, and I slipped and skidded my way up into the trees where I hope to find some firmer ground to run on. 

I visit this particular part of Epping Forest every day either walking or running and feel I know every oak, beech and yew personally. The parakeets seem happy with my presence, and the squirrels, magpies and great tits go about their business. Occasionally this deep connection with the forest is sharply broken by a cry of ‘DEREK’ as a dog walker’s frustration echo’s through the clearing, and the pigeons and crows scatter to quieter parts. I often see Derek – a gentle ten stone French Mastiff clearly with a mind of his own. 

What struck me was that just changing my entry point, from off the beaten track could create such a fresh and vivid perspective on a tried and tested environment. I realised in letting go of any personal best pace and running for the experience of exploring, of feeling the air in my lungs and of sweeping through the forest I was back to loving the joy of running. 

Back home and warming down, I reflected on my run and the joy of being lost and then finding a fresh perspective on a familiar environment. My thoughts rested on a few nutty challenges on my to-do list that were proving difficult to shift forward. I realised that I was trying to work through them via the same old route. How could I come at them from an entirely new direction to break through the feeling of being stuck? Perhaps there is an area on your to-do list where you feel stuck, demotivated or lacking the energy to crack on. Why not pick the nuttiest task and come at it from an entirely new direction and see if that reignites your mojo for it.

If you feel the path your career is taking is heavy going, it could be just the right time for a fresh perspective and your working mojo’s rediscovery. My Career Pathway programme is for that very task. I’d love to hear from you before the skidding and slipping on your current path gets even heavier. 

"The confidence I have right now is really valuable; it's a great feeling the sense of direction and purpose I have right now."

Director, Law Practice