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Research conducted by Gallup concluded that leaders communicating an important message to employees helps to connect them to their jobs and to the greater purpose of the company. A strategic narrative has the power to inspire, enthuse and move people to action.

By 2025, 3 in 4 employees in the workplace will be millennials who value shared stories and shared experiences about times that a colleague’s work really connected to the mission and purpose of the company. Staff are more likely to resonate with a story their leader tells of how they impacted their company than through someone they do not know.

Not only is it important for leaders to provide a vision for their staff but to make them enthusiastic about the future of the business with clear and concise goal setting. Without enthusiasm and goal setting, staff are less likely to be engaged and understand what is needed from them.

Perhaps your strengthen doesn’t yet lie in actively motivating your team as a leader without going down the conventional route of statistics on a PowerPoint presentation. A 2 hour “Big Picture” session with myself will help you to unlock your narrative potential and deliverability in that way that helps you to connect your staff to your vision.

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