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Last week I got lost in a deep, dark foggy forest. 

The build-up of changes in my working and living environment accentuated by the impact of this year’s COVID has meant that my work has been taking several turns. Fuelled by my fears, ego, and at times waining confidence, I found myself wandering into an unfamiliar and darkening forest where motivation, vitality, and sense of direction disappeared, and I was beginning to feel lost. My deep desire to create, grow, progress, add value, and find meaning was driving me ever deeper in the dark forest. As I tried to work my way out of the trees, the fog began to descend, and before I knew it, I’d lost my bearing; a sense of direction, and a sense of self. 

By the end of the week, however, I’d found my way back onto my pathway and headed into the sunlight where I rediscovered a sense of fun and energy. On my path, I know where I am running to, I connect with what priorities I needed to act on to stride out with a sense of purpose. 

For those familiar with being lost in the outdoors the first step I took was to try to get a feel for where I was, scouring the environment for clues and markers to indicate where I’ve wondered too. The next step was all about reconnecting with where I want to get to, before evaluating my best route. 

Two critical things to use when lost, even in a foggy forest are a compass and a guide. For those of us lost in our work, that compass is our values, and that guide is a coach. Working with my coach and using my values as a powerful compass, I found my way back onto my pathway and into the sunlight where I felt re-energised. My work had a sense of purpose once more. 

If you are feeling lost in your work, remember that it’s not a problem to solve but a sense of direction to find, a path to step back on. To find a clear pathway out of your work’s foggy forest, try taking a couple of steps forward towards some support. Contact me, your guide to help you reconnect with your values and find your way back onto a career path that’s bathed in sunlight rather than spending more of the winter in the foggy forest. 

Last week I was fortunate enough to sit in on a talk by Dominique Munz about Spiritual Intelligence. Dominique shared an image and phrase in her native German language – Der Nebel in der Waldlichtung.  

"The confidence I have right now is really valuable; it's a great feeling the sense of direction and purpose I have right now."

Director, Law Practice