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The year is now closing and much of nature is shutting down. Daylight hours will be at their shortest but there are still spectacles to be witnessed like the evening flights of geese or flocks of starlings offering up some natural treats for those stepping outside in the fading light. 

Coots – head to your nearest open water to see these birds bobbing and diving. Often taken for granted, these cousins of the moorhen have a distinctive white bill and face giving rise to the saying ‘bald as a coot’. 

 Mistletoe – as the last of the leaves have fallen mistletoe is often seen stranded in the treetops – a greeny-mustard coloured ball of leathery leaves and translucent white berries. For ancient Druids this plant symbolised vitality.  

Woodlice – tipping up a plant pot or rolling over a log will briefly reveal a seething mass of grey-blue woodlice before they trundle away from the sunlight in the nearest crevice. Relatives of the shrimps but rather too bitter to be eaten by birds.

Sunrise: 8:00am
Sunset: 15:50pm
Daylight hours: 7 hours, 50 mins
Full Moon: 12th December

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