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I find even my all year elemental enthusiasm comes under scrutiny in February, the month of hard yards with its short days and heavy grey weather combining with the continued hunkering down of nature. For me, staying in out of the damp cold weather is not the answer to the greying of my mood and there are emerging treats to be found along the paths of our parks, woodlands and fields. 

Take the Snowdrop  – referred to as Galanthus by a friend of mine who’s a huge fan of these delicate early signs that we are walking out of winter. Apparently, only the wonderful Blue Bell rivals the Snowdrop as Britain’s favourite wildflower. 

If you venture a good distance from human presence then you may glimpse the Roe Deer on the edge of a copse or wood. They are one of two native species of deer in Britain along side Red Deer and characterised by their jumping style – stotting, which is the Scots term for walk with a bounce – you may well know someone who’s also a stotter!  
One for the nostrils –  Wild Garlic  – growing in pretty much any damp wood or forest from late February through to early summer.  The garlicky scent will be picked up well before you see these white-flowering signs of Spring.  

Sunrise – 7:18am
Sunset – 17:11pm
Daylight hours – 9 hours 53 mins
Full Moon – 9th February

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