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With the festive season behind us and heading into the New Year, I like to think of January as the portal to the natural year, clinging to the thought that days will get longer and the joy snowdrops will bring. I love January when the hills are empty of others and the elements are perhaps at their strongest. If you are willing to brave the weather then there are natural delights to discover amongst the damp back leaves underfoot and grey skies overhead.  

Lichens – a great pollution guide in urban settings. Hawthorns will have a side covered with rich yellow lichens.  

Treecreeper – this bird is often described as jerky and intense which seems to fit well with the mood of January.

Daddy-Long-Legs Spider – are on the move, winters outdoors are too much for them so they head for our outhouses, sheds, and especially public toilets. Flies and moths are attracted by the strip lights and are a great meal for these lanky insects.

Sunrise: 8:00am
Sunset: 16:19pm
Daylight hours: 8 hours, 18 minutes
Full moon: 10th January

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