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Yay March, so good to see you and promising so much. 

I am looking forward to hearing my old friend the Blackbird, with its bright chatter helping to add to the sense of optimism that the grey days might well be coming to an end. Blackbirds are one of the most successful urban birds and amazingly agile as they dash between gardens, hedges and copses avoiding any swooping overhead predators. 

Delicate Primroses (Prima rosa)  can be spotted as one of the first flowers of spring as an early bloomer. We can eat the flowers and leaves,  which taste rather bitter or make a brew from the leaves or wine from the flowers…

Sunrise – 6:14am
Sunset – 6:04pm
Daylight hours – 11 hours 50 mins
Full Moon – 9th March

"The confidence I have right now is really valuable; it's a great feeling the sense of direction and purpose I have right now."

Director, Law Practice