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Wow, are we really in NOVEMBER now? We are accelerating into winter and this year we have lockdown for company. For all our physical and mental health it is great to see that for this lockdown we are still allowed to take a nearest and dearest for a walk outside.

Outdoors there are some early winter spectacles to enjoy. Wrap up and step outside into the colour of late Autumn. Leaves are falling rapidly now to give a fresh line of sight and sense of space to even the most familiar of walks and the dullest of light. 

The Starling roost is a popular natural spectacle, sadly in rapid decline. When they finally come to rest in the trees they burst into a piercing chatter of sound. 

The invading Blackbird are winter visitors to the British Isles and arrive in large numbers escaping the freezing conditions further north. As the day fades they can be heard dashing anxiously and loudly from tree to tree or, shrub to shrub.  

Look out for Barnacle Geese arriving from the artic. Traveling in huge wintering flocks, they like to spend their days grazing on local pastures or salt marshes before taking to the air in dramatic evening formations gliding effortlessly through the air. 

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