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I head into October with the sun setting earlier and earlier, at the great fulcrum of the natural year. A time made all the more acute with the continued challenges of COVID, marginally eased for some by the glorious weather we’ve had since March. I’ve dug out my winter layers and boots and look forward to striding into the glory of Autumn colours that keep the grey of oncoming winter at bay for a few more weeks. 

In our beloved forests, October is fungi month, and I love to marvel at their fairytale forms while leaving them to do their business in the natural cycle of nature. At the edges of many of our woodlands deer rutting can be heard. Why not find your nearest deer park to witness the rut show that begins at dawn, bellowing at the slowly rising sun and producing clouds of steam in the chill air. 

Two other October highlights for me are Ivy Blossom and the Horse Chestnut. While the enemy of many building owners, Ivy with its October blossom, acts as a lifeline for many species of insects looking to build up energy before the long winter. 

On a recent visit to Greenwich Park, I was able to marvel at the avenues of Horse Chestnut. The five-fingered leaves begin to be the first to turn conkers, free from their spiky cases are scattering all over the paths. The Tudors introduced the Horse Chestnut tree into the UK. The name comes from Turkish soldiers feeding conkers to their horses.

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