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The Hub, Middle of Regents Park.
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I am passionate about coaching in the great outdoors and use nature as a tool to inspire you. This technique is proven to give my clients the best results as you literally walk through perceived limitations and see things as they could be.

How it works

Fresh Insights

It’s a scientific fact that the natural environment
and lighting helps you relax your mind and notice
things differently. You can let go things you have
held tight.

More Creativity

A Stanford University study found that walking as part of the process increases creativity by at least 80%! You’ll have fresher ideas and deeper insights than before.

Better Memory

Using landscape metaphorically to illustrate choices and perspectives creates strong memory hooks for what has come up and the insights we have.

Take the first step outside. Arrange an Orientation Call with me.
Pausing by boating lake
Taking a path towards the boating lake, Regent’s Park.

So how can you get new insights and real clarity?


Your first bold steps to see where you are now.
In this 2-3 hour session, we take a look at your business with fresh eyes. You can let things out, share with me your issues and struggles. I help you explore where you could be and what is standing in your way to achieving your full potential.

Big Picture Planning

Your ultimate guide to set the growth path.
In this 3-hour insightful walking and tabletop session, we literally get everything out into the open and on the table. On a big piece of paper, we map out where you are now and what the destination is. We step outside to a London park or one of the national parks to see the horizon and see the bigger picture. (For really bad weather I guide you to a suitable venue with an inspiring view).

Big Picture Planning includes:

  • A Mobilising session using the proprietary COPA TM Framework* to move your business forward
  • Growth Mapping Strategy to set a 3-5-year horizon
  • Aligning your business and personal visions to create a sustainable strategy that sticks
  • Building your mobilisation plan to keep you on track

Milestones Mentoring

Your ongoing support to help you stay on track.
To make sure the big ideas are not lost during the everyday job I am checking on you every month during our mentoring session. It’s not only to hold you to account but also to be able to support you with what you may be struggling with.

Find out how I can help you paint the big picture, schedule an Orientation Call.
Central path, towards The Hub, Regent’s Park.

* COPATM Framework (creating Clarity, exploring Opportunities, setting Priorities, planning Actions)

"The confidence I have right now is really valuable; it's a great feeling the sense of direction and purpose I have right now."

Director, Law Practice