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Recruiting and retention was formerly an issue of salary, geography, and career trajectory. Now it has become a matter of lifestyle choice – i.e. of personal values.

Even on the most basic level staff increasingly expects inducements such as: flexible working conditions, a social, ethical, environmental and moral outlook, a career path that is self-determined and self managed and life-learning as part of their career development programme. The workplace is no longer just a place where people go to earn their living and make a career, but a place to grow as human beings.

Today, a number of organisations have discovered the strategic advantage of evolving into self-organising, participative, self-managed and people-centred organisms. Self-leadership, self-esteem and self-confidence are human traits promoted in this new type of organisations. They have the know-how to bring professional and personal growth together into career programs, leadership training and recruiting adding both humanism and professionalism to the organisations development process. Outside-In believes this is the most promising trend in management and leadership today.

“Simon understood my objectives, helped me put them into a timeline and develop new ideas to grow both sides of my business.”

Owner, Sports Consultancy

“Unique ability to inspire me to achieve my goals, encouraged me to take a more focused and confident approach to running my business.”

Founder, Health & Wellbeing Franchise Organisation

“Was fantastic talking today, it’s really interesting to discover core values of mine by reviewing past experiences.”

Founder, Financial Services

“Simon had a great approach and was highly motivational in his coaching method. He made me think outside the norms and act on my goals faster than I would have done previously.”

Director, Hotel Group

“Simon dedicated himself to me and my issues throughout the sessions. He was very intuitive to how I was feeling about a subject and gently encouraged me to come to my conclusions.”

Director, Communication Agency

“The confidence I have right now is really valuable; it’s great feeling the sense of direction and purpose that I have right now.”

Director, Promotional Agency

“I feel like I can move onto the next challenge and have my confidence boosted by it. I have stopped procrastinating on making decisions on things and started to actually finish things that I start, which is fantastic.”

Director, Design Agency, London

“Thank you so much. I would have never got there by myself so swiftly and efficiently.”

Senior Director, Product Design Company