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Copped Hall Temple, St Paul’s Walden Bury

Take the first bold step and arrange an Orientation Call with me to see how you could find clarity, purpose and actions leading to future growth.

The Orientation Call is a taster to give you an idea how I work while I can also find out if I am the best person to help you in your situation. I will ask questions you might have never asked yourself and you’ll leave with more clarity on your issues and opportunities. If the fit is not right I can refer you to someone who might be a better support for you at the time.

Click on the button below to arrange for a 20-minute call with your preferred date and time. 

I would love to hear from you

A quiet moment on Primrose Hill, London

“Simon understood my objectives, helped me put them into a timeline and develop new ideas to grow both sides of my business.”

Owner, Sports Consultancy

“Unique ability to inspire me to achieve my goals, encouraged me to take a more focused and confident approach to running my business.”

Founder, Health & Wellbeing Franchise Organisation

“Was fantastic talking today, it’s really interesting to discover core values of mine by reviewing past experiences.”

Founder, Financial Services

“Simon had a great approach and was highly motivational in his coaching method. He made me think outside the norms and act on my goals faster than I would have done previously.”

Director, Hotel Group

“Simon dedicated himself to me and my issues throughout the sessions. He was very intuitive to how I was feeling about a subject and gently encouraged me to come to my conclusions.”

Director, Communication Agency

“The confidence I have right now is really valuable; it’s great feeling the sense of direction and purpose that I have right now.”

Director, Promotional Agency

“I feel like I can move onto the next challenge and have my confidence boosted by it. I have stopped procrastinating on making decisions on things and started to actually finish things that I start, which is fantastic.”

Director, Design Agency, London

“Thank you so much. I would have never got there by myself so swiftly and efficiently.”

Senior Director, Product Design Company